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We are a full-service agency that helps companies building successful business-driven marketing & communications. Always with growth in focus.

We have offices at the beautiful Jungfrusund marina, located on Ekerö outside Stockholm. Welcome to pop by!


Carefree partnership

We are a full-service agency that our clients hire for long-term, broad collaboration as well as for occasional communication efforts when the need arises. 

Do you need a marketing manager, but not full-time but just someone who is available when needed?

Solve it by letting us be your external marketing and communications manager. We take a small fixed sum and then work continuously by the hour.

Hire us when you need to take a holistic approach to your business model, marketing and communication strategy, digital presence and visibility, or perhaps graphic profile.

We are also happy to help you implement the strategy with our in-house tactical services. 

We design and produce originals for all the materials you need. Advertising, advertisements, newspapers, signs, banners, campaign pages, flyers, mailings – printed or digital – you name it.

We create engaging content for your target group in relevant channels. We are also certified to fly drones for photography and film.

Do you need to physically print your material? We'll help you with that too.

We create campaigns that reach the right people at the right time and on platforms where they naturally already spend their time.

With extensive experience, we can help you procure ad-space and distribution regardless of whether it is in print or digital channels.

Vi bygger, underhåller och vidareutvecklar användarvänliga webbsidor, plugins och appar. Allt från mindre enklare sidor till komplexa och dynamiska sajter.

Vi arbetar med wordpress som bas och med sökomotorsoptimering i centrum. Sidorna hostar vi på svenska lokala servrar.


Personal collaboration

HENKLE AB is run by Henrik Kleist, who has over 20 years of experience in leading roles in media, sales and marketing communications. Both in Sweden and internationally. Henrik has a broad understanding of business with an academic background in law, finance and marketing.


Smooth collaboration


We concretize

It might sound obvious. But shared clarity from the start facilitates and makes work more efficient going forward. Whether it's a small job or a more extensive one.


We sketch

Based on the request, we outline a plan in terms of plan, time consumption and compensation. If we have clear conditions, we are quick to respond with a proposal.


Let's go

As soon as we agree, we can start the work and deliver according to the proposal and plan.


We enjoy

Yep. We do not have long complicated agreements and notice periods with our customers. We simply work together as long as we enjoy working together.


Common considerations

Here we collect the most common questions we receive from existing and potential customers.

We work with AI as a tool and inspiration in content production, SEO, dissemination and coding. This means that parts of the work can go a little faster. This way we save time and ultimately money for you as a customer.

But the day when AI can replace experienced marketers, designers or web developers is still far away. Because it requires human experience and knowledge to set the right "prompts" in order to actually benefit from the generated result and not least to know what to do with it.

AI has absolute potential to facilitate and improve work. But for now see it as an assistant. It is not a project manager. And above all, remember the old wise adage: Shit in - Shit out. 

We normally charge on an ongoing basis per hour as most of our services are difficult to predict the time required for. We consider it the most fair for both parties. However, we offer certain services that are easier to estimate time for at a fixed price if desired.

We do not have an absolute deadline for an order. We do everything to be flexible and help when time is short. If it's minor things, we usually fix it the same day.

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